A family run business, Alysi was founded in 1996. It is managed today with the founding principals of commitment, passion and dedication, and stays true to its original values whilst having a readiness to embrace new trends. The core business of Alysi is its women’s wear collections, which include Accessoreria, a shoes and accessories collection. Attention to details, choice of materials, research of forms, study of volume and the realization of exclusive and personalized prints and graphic, these principals represent the unique DNA of the Brand. Combining “ Made in Italy” traditions with its emphasis on high quality craftsmanship, creativity and the most innovative sales distributions techniques, is what all of our teams focus on daily with passion and with commitment. Internationalization is what the brand is focusing on,. The Alysi collections are now distributed in 16 countries in over 700 multi-brand boutiques. The goal is to continue strengthen the brand image and to raise the brand awareness internationally